Hello, i am a new seller and i need some help


I am Tracey Lance by name and i here to help with data analysis and statistical problems. I need someone to put me through what i need to do to get order and start working here on fiverr.
Will appreciate anyone who can help


Use buyer Request to get Orders


I have used the buyers request but no one is buying my gig… Don’t know if there is method to attract buyers through buyers request.


That’s spam.Honestly learn through the forums and put together a great profile which will attract buyers.


This will help you to know what buyers are looking for when you answer a request.

This will help you make sure your gigs are attractive to buyers.


Thanks! learnt something new from that.


I am glad you learned something from the two articles. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since you are representing yourself with a photo of an “attractive woman” that is clearly a stock photo, you claim to have a Ph.D in Statistics from Stanford University, your choice of written words/dialogue does not match the high level of education one would expect from a terminal degree at a high-quality American university, and you referr to yourself with a clearly made-up name (even written out as “Tracey_lance”), I’m going to come out and say… I don’t believe you are “Tracey Lance” or that you are even educated at Stanford.

You are pretending to be someone you are not.

Why would a Ph.D. graduate be selling “statistical work” for only $5 on a freelance website? Come on, you’re not even trying to appear real. :roll_eyes:

Scammers, like you, are terrible at pretending. You are so easy to pick out of a crowd.


My clue was “lernt” instead of learned. :wink:


Use buyer requests and you’ll probably get an order between 1 week and 1 month. I got mine in two weeks, but I do video animation, so you’ll get one sooner most likely. You have to use buyer requests effectively and diligently to get an order though!


Great article
it was useful


@tracey_lance The location on your Fiverr profile does not appear to match your real location, either. Even if you find buyers, they won’t be happy with your attempts to fool them. Bad ideas all around.


Buyer request send …


How did you learnt something at harvard?