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Hello I am a New Seller Here

Hello Fiverr Community! New Seller here just created my first Gig, I will have the second up tonight or tomorrow. I am excited to get to work and collaborate on some ideas. I will have Gigs for Google My Business listings and Social Advertising/ analytics. Any Help/ Feedback would be appreciated.


I looked at your profile.
You did a nice job with your gig.
What I can suggest you to do is :slight_smile::

  • First : Put your picture on your gig : as we are working with humans, they often need to see with who they are working with. By putting your picture on the gig, they’ll be more willing to trust you thus to buy from you.
  • Second : Are you a returning seller ? Cause on your profile it says member since Feb 2018. Or maybe you were ones a buyer and are offering your services now…
  • Third : Nice profile picture :slight_smile: I like it you have a great smile !
  • Fourth : You may consider to change your username with something related to your first name. This is linked to the same reason I suggested you to put your pic on your gig. It creates a more human interaction between the buyer and you. Does it make sense ?
  • Fifth : I really like the way you describe your gig : great for…, this gig will be more useful for… May I suggest you add also bullet points ? It is more pleasant to read for the buyer and creates somehow in his mind the sensation you are straight to the point and know what you’re talking about.

Hope it helped :slight_smile:


Hello I am athoi. Nice to met you. I am also new seller at fiverr. Welcome to fiverr forum. Best wishes for your new journey. Work hard and stay safe,

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Thank you for taking the time to provide some feedback I will definitely take into account. I am a new seller but created a fiverr account back in 2018 to see what it was about. My username is first letter of first name “.” Last name which I use on almost all of my usernames. I will definitely look at putting some more pictures up.

Thanks again for the feedback,

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Thank you, Nice to connect with you as well!

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I am Rasel. I am also new seller. Nice to meet you. keep it up :heart_eyes:

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Hey Rasel, thank you! I wish you the best

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You are very welcome.
Break a leg on Fiverr :wink: