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Hello, I am a new seller in fiveer

please tell me, what is this Fiverr pro?


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It is explained here:


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Hello, Soto Thank you

Hello there i hope you are fine.
So you are asking about pro sellers on fiverr,

So dear when some people have many years experience in any skill, when they are come on fiverr they are not start from beginner level, as we are starting they are talk to fiverr community, and share our experience, expertise with fiverr. And then fiverr will give the pro seller status to those people who’s already known about everything and also have many year of experience .

if you have any kind of question so feel free contact us,
thanks, best regard.

You can read about it here.

I also saw that someone else posted this link as well.

Hello, friend thank you for your experience share. I am happy for your answer.

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Welcome to fiverr forum.

Sellers need to be extremely professional with a track record of excellent experience that is verifiable.
Fiverr business buyers are always on the lookout for highly professional services. Fiverr Pro aims to meet those needs by offering high-quality, easy to find, verified professional sellers.

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Hi, thank you brother