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Hello ! I am a new seller on Fiverr (finally)

I discovered Fiverr few years ago but i was not enough skilled to sell a valuable service. So i trained pretty hard for almost 2 years. And here I am now !
Hoping my future clients will be very satisfied :smiley:


OK welcome
Just keep continue and you will success

Thank you very much mate !

Read it May you will correct your mistake after that!

Cheer You!

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@dev_sal Thanks but i already read it. I think, it is the first thing people should read before becoming a seller or buyer.

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But you made some mistake in your gig. are you know about that. No So, first read the link When you knew your mistake then correct it!

@dev_sal Sorry but i do not know what is wrong with my gig ! It actually respects the terms of service

Welcome check out this will helps

@rizwansb Thank you ! I will take a look

Your gig is Attractive I appreciate it but you have kept the price is too much and you are sttil new You need to keep it At the basic price $5 when you feel Iā€™m getting more order then Increase it obviously but now catch buyer with cheaper price and good work.

Cheer you!


@dev_sal Ok thanks for the advice, I will think about it

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Iā€™m sure you would be glad of your new journey

Great tip for new sellers

@amandaclark317 Yes, we will see