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Hello. I am a new seller


Hello. I have made my very first gig on fiverr.

Efficient and fast video/audio editing services are provided by me. I edit videos of a commercial as well as personal nature.
I would truly appreciate it if you share this gig and aid me in learning and becoming a better seller. :slightly_smiling_face:




@claramathew24 welcome to fivver forum.


@ Claramathew24
You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes


Thank you Pranay :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you. Hope to learn a lot from the community :slight_smile:


Welcome Bro and I am also a new member in this fiverr Family


Welcome to fiverr :slight_smile:


Thank you. I wish you all the very best for your journey on fiverr :slight_smile:


Thank you. Have a good day :slight_smile:


welcome to fiverr community


Thank you. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


you too :heart_eyes:


Welcome to Fiverr community :smiley:


Thank you. Have a great day :slight_smile: