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Hello, I am Arif Hossain.I am a new seller

I am a web designer and developer with skills in html5,css3,bootstrap,jquery and javascript. I have created two gigs between the last 5 days, but so far there has been no order. I am quite frustrated to be honest. Please give me some advice on how can i increase traffic of my gigs.

here is my profile:
You can see my gigs from my profile. Please suggest me some ways to improve my gig/profile


First of all, you need to promote your gigs with organic way.
I didn’t say go to paid way. You should share your gigs. But in a better place like l i n kedin

Hey. I haven’t made any sales yet either. :slight_smile:
But here are my thoughts:

  1. Try and get someone to help you correct the grammar of your description. People will be more likely to want to work with you if they think that you have good English skills which will be important for communication.
  2. Seems like what you offer is very competitive, lot’s of people are offering similar things, so try to be creative and think what you can offer that is unique. This might mean targeting some more specific niche, or just offering greater value for the price (at least at first).

congratulation.hope it will be a great journey for you on fiverr

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Think you just need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope you will given many time of fiverr.then you soon order…don’t worry…and ofcouse marketing your gig…

Welcome Arif. Fiverr is a marketplace. Some get orders right away, others wait months. Wherever you find yourself, keep working hard and don’t give up if this is where you really want to be. Try visiting the fiverr academy to learn more about how to optimise your gigs and be better at what you do.

And you can also pick lots of tips from the forum as well. Like what has been said earlier, start with your gig descriptions.

All the best and welcome to Fiverr.

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