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Hello i am faizan from pakistan

hello dear friends,
how to get i see my gig on where page
who page i see my gig i search but my gig is not show tell me i see my gig where page and i then i improve my gig
i am webdesigner all types website create


As in general, English is considered as international business language. the first and the most necessary action you should take for your success is to improve your English language. Until you can not define your expertise properly no one would like to pass you an order. even if you got an order, it could a bad experience because of the poor English. Keep communicating with other forum members may help you to build your vocabulary. and better if you can join some English short courses. Fiverr also offer for basic english test free, so try to pass that test.

please send me link fiverr english language

First of all recheck your topic and try to fix all required corrections.
My name is Faizan Khan and I am looking for a little guidance
my gig url
I can not see my gig in my search results, Is any one can help here to solve this issue?
Thanks for this great favor

that’s it.
Now there are hundred of post already available on this forum similar to your question. that is the quick way to resolve your problem. instead you wait for the reply and waste your time. to search your own gig in search results> first you should switch to buyer account, and in search bar type your gig keywords or category then explore pages to reach to your gig.

and your 2nd question.
Switch to seller,
Dashboard> click on your profile image> scroll down to find the following image at your page.

Click on take a test button, and your journey will start. there are so many other free test also available. Choose any one match with your skills and go on. don’t count you Win or loss , you will get some thing good for you. And it will help you in your future. It would be much better if you prepare you self first, See what type of question are there, if you consider those question hint you have already in your mind then go ahead otherwise note those hints and google it. Wish you all the best