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Hello, I am Kiki

I am new on Fivver. Just start the digital nomad life and very excited to explore it around. Hopfully Fivver can help me to get some buyer and I will be wiiing to provid my service.


Hello Kiki,

Welcome to Fiverr! I hope that your digital nomad life takes you places (on Fiverr) :wink:

Keep your excitement up and offer premium quality services to your clients; I don’t see why you can’t be a successful seller. Here’s to wishing you the best!


Thank you @ hanshuber16. Still exploding Fivver, just wonder how are you doing with Fivver so far? Is it a good site to find the clients?

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Welcome to the Fiverr forum :slightly_smiling_face: Best of luck


I have had a wonderful experience on Fiverr so far. I was fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing people so far.

However, in the recent past, Fiverr has gone through a lot of changes… Changes that not many Fiverr users are a fan of (rightfully so).

But these changes don’t really affect new sellers as they would only know Fiverr the way it is right now. So, yeah… Fiverr is an excellent platform for prospective clients to contact you and purchase your services.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend that you go through the ToS and the help & education centre as they have a ton of information that every new Fiverr user should know.

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to the Fiverr forum


Welcome to fiverr forum. Best of luck