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Hello, I am Muhammad



I am Mudassir from Pakistan, a College Student. I came on fiverr when there was no work on and I had not any other ways to earn money and meet my college expanses. I already signed up on fiverr but I did not start any work. I immediately came to fiverr and got start from local seo gigs. which brought lots of orders then I initiated other Gigs those also got popularity but I focused on local Seo work.

I am still getting orders on my Local submissions Gig.

Best Regards.



Hi Mudassir! Nice to see you enjoy fiverr. Congratulations on your orders. Good luck


Good luck to you! hopefully you will find a spot here.

By the way: You have GREAT English! That is definitely a plus here! Lots of people seem to think they can get millions of dollars in sales with poor grammar.

But you are good in that department! Just advertise yourself here, on facebook, twitter, and everywhere to get lotsa sales :slight_smile:



Welcome! Keep it up and you’ll be a level 1 seller in no time :slight_smile:


Congrats, it is fun hitting the levels. I almost wish they had more!


Reply to @magisworks: Brother, I am already level 2 seller.


Reply to @caiterz: Caiterz! hehe My English is not so good. I can just understand and answer to questions. That is my English level. I know why did you say you have great English… :slight_smile:


Reply to @lparziale: Thanks Dear.


Wa Salam A’liakum, Muhammad


Welcome to fiverr! It says your a level 2 already :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thank you brother.


Welcome and great luck to you in 2013