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Hello, I am new here

I just started fiverr today. I am a college student, and I have heard so much about fiverr, so i decided to open it. I just created a gig, but i really don’t know much about getting buyers and stuff. So i really need your advices. My gig directory is

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Share your link on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Tell friends, family, colleagues, etc. Being active in the forums may help too. There’s others sites that let you share links too. I wouldn’t use any spamming techniques though. The most powerful tool would be word of mouth.

Think about the ways you’ve discovered things and how you could use some of those techniques yourself. Example, a custom car magnet, business cards, etc.

I know fiverr gives us kind of an ugly URL, but you could buy a domain and forward it to your fiverr page, then promote your domain.

You can write articles/blog posts related to you gig and place a link to your gig in the post/article and have different blogs and sites publish your writings with your links.

Many, many ideas out there for you to use.

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I agree social media is your bestfriend. All you have to do is send traffic. Print flyers put them around campus, post on Craigslist kijiijii etc.