Hello i am new please help


Hello everyone. so i am new and i wanted to ask if there is a tips how can i get more viewers into my gigs. i really plan to be on fiverr for a long time and be a good seller. but i need ur help guys. i hope u guys can helping me.
I just need a few tips about this site and what it the best for me to sell for you guys. And btw . i am gamer i play games and sometimes desgin stuff more then 7 years .


Sure. You can start by reading this page:

Then read through the help section, and the Fiverr Blog. The links are at the bottom of any Facebook page.

Your success is your own responsibility. Take some time to read up on the resources I have mentioned. You’ll learn a lot in those places – but its up to YOU to put what you learn into practice.

We are not going to do your work for you. :wink:


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One topic for the same query is fine. :pineapple: