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Hello, I am New Seller here, Nice to meet you

Hi, my name M. Rafi’ from Java, Indonesia. :grinning:

I’m new member in this forum, but actually not in my fiverr seller or buyer page. I don’t even know it is the same as that one or not.
My speciality is at digital painting using photoshop, object that I often do is the realistic one not a line art, or a cartoon. I will do anything from portrait, landscape, character design, or animal, as long as still in one realm (realistic).
I have been joined in Fiverr since September 2020 and yet no order. Feel like my Gig is deep under the ground. :upside_down_face: , I hope you can take a look my Gig and maybe you can give me some advice for my improvement.

and happy Ramadan for you that celebrate or did it. Good luck guys. Thank you

this is my link