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Hello I am new Seller in fiver

Hello everyone, i am new seller in fiver . i am very happy to join this field :smile: .
I believe its will be helpful to development my carrier.
I will try my label best to work in fiver.


Welcome to the fiverr seller board.
wish you all the best.


thank you so much :heart:

best of luck. Hopefully, you will get order and success in Fiverr. Be passionate.

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thank you so much to Encouragement . :heart:

Wish you all the best!
I’m also new on fiverr, also created uploaded my first gig but, I am worried about this bug ISSUE gig impressions, click and views. I can’t see my gig impressions since many days. I Don’t know when it will fix?


@mahrukhfrk9 Same problem to me. I also new in fiver .

Could you please tell me the payoneer payment method. I Don’t know where to find the payoneer payment option in fiverr?

Right.I also concern about it.

@mahrukhfrk9 You can go Earning option in fiver and click Bank Transfer or Fiver Revenue Card.
This option is Payonner transfer system.

Okay I got it, Thanks.

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@amranhossain93 welcome & best wishes for you

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