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Hello, I am new seller on fiverr

Hi guys,

I am on Fiverr since last 4 days and till now I have got 15 views, 327 impressions and 11 clicks on my gigs but still 0 orders. I want to know that the numbers are good for a starter or not? please have a look at my gig and let me know how can I improve more.

Anand Sharma

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Hey Sharma,

Yes it is. That’s normal because you have no reviews on your profile. so basically buyers have no any idea about you + there are thousands of rated sellers do the same job. that’s why getting first order is thousand times harder than getting 2nd or 10th order. be patient and send buyer requests with minimal price tag you can. Hopefully you will get your first order soon.

Best wishes for your business!


Hey @helloscoopz, Thanks a lot for the advice. I will surely follow it.

You are welcome brother!

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