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Hello i am new to fiverr please help me get for order

i am new meber to fiverr.please help me to get ordes.i dont no what happen to my account.please check my account .every body visit my gig and give me suggestions for my first order most of the gig published.please help me…


Welcome to Fiverr forum. Stay in online as much as you can.

Wish have a good time. Welcome to fiverr

keep always online and check buyers request

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@melindi_21 I’m also new here and i already shared my gig to many people. But nothing happened till now. :pensive: :pensive:
People who are working here have much more experience about that.
If you don’t mind then we can connect with each other so that we can help each other in better way. :blush:
Hope we both will get orders soon.

Welcome to the Fiverr family. Pls, do not worry about buyer orders! Improve your existing skills.

Welcome to the fiverr forum

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Welcome to Fiverr World,. :heart:
Best of luck :heart:

you need Active more then 12 hours every day. and send buyer request everyday. its help you fiverr success. best of luck