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Hello! I am totally new here

Hello everyone here on Fiverr! I just barely found out about this website a few days ago and created my account! My name is Kyle! I am a business student, accounting intern, and lover of finance. So youll probably see me a lot in the business section of the website.
Anyways, I hope I can interact with many of you here in the community.
Best regards,



Hey Kyle!
Welcome to Fiverr family, I hope you will enjoy your journey here and I hope you will learn new things from the community.

Keep it up :blush: :v:

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Hi Kyle,

Welcome to the Forum. I hope you will learn new things from the community. I will love to talk to you. Where are you from? Protect yourself from COVID19. Stay home & Stay safe.

Best Regards,


Hi Kyle! Welcome to Fiverr and Fiverr Forum.

I’m relatively new myself, and only have two orders to my name in my first month here, but I’m optimistic for more to. come. There’s a lot of reading you can do here in the forums while you wait for that first order. A lot of these topics are useful for gig maintenance, getting sales, and whatnot. Hope you find the forums as fun and educational as I do.

Wishing you success in the future!

@kylenelson67 You’re welcome to fiverr

Hello Kyle,
Welcome to fiverr… Wish you a very good luck for your freelance career on fiverr :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome and wish you all the best @kylenelson675

Hi @kylenelson675 , Welcome to the community!
I wish you all the best on your journey ahead. :smiley: