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Hello, I am waiting for order

I am here almost 8 month but with zero orders but I think fiverr is great place for starting business.


somebody want to reply

It is very bad news.

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Bad news can also convert into good news , some time in just a minute
and good luck to you man I hope you are enjoying your orders


I forget to like, sorry

Thank you,
You can change some gig image, title , package than buyer interested you gig …Try it

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Thank you so much,
I just today change the images and title

Keep online insha’Allah you will get the order


insha’Allah , I always try my best

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I am also waiting since 2020,April. Pray for me.

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insha’Allah one day you get your order

Try for more visibility about your GIG on Social Medial
I am successful in getting ten orders within one month of my starting a GIG. I am a self-motivated freelancer. Hence determined to achieve whatever is possible.
I wish you all the best in your endeavours @hurairadesign @hikmii @anisbiplob1 @shaikat517


thank so much for this sir


Hope your doing great :slight_smile:
Its sad that you are not getting any orders but I have some suggestions that might be helpful

  1. Try to stay online and active as much as you can on Fiverr

  2. If you are seeing no clicks impressions or activity on your gig try to update your gig by changing the keywords after research of your respective niche , update your gig description your gig images and gig prices

  3. Promote your services on social media and any other platform as much as you can

  4. Add your portfolio or your previous work if any to your gig but after reading and checking which portfolio website links you can add yo your gig description

Hope I was helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you so much …

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Thank you so much for your suggestions

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I hope you will get the order soon, wish you good luck :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just wait and work hard. You will success.

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Please Do proper Rechege and Update you GIG.

Yeah Fiverr is the best place.
Best of luck.
Stay positive.

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