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Hello I can not submit order and time is ticking?

Hello everyone,
The strangest thing, I am experiencing, I am not sure if the client is messing with me or it is a system error, I tried to submit the work and it gives me that my message is flagged and time is still ticking… can anyone help?

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It’s not an error, and the buyer isn’t messing with you. The orange text box says it all - your delivery message was flagged. I don’t know why, something in your message triggered the system to flag it. It will not be released to the buyer until it’s reviewed and approved by the Trust and Safety team, even if your order goes late. It they approve the message, it will automatically go through and the order will be marked as delivered.

When I had that problem a while back, I contacted CS and asked for the reason for flagging (didn’t really expect to get the answer, of course), if that particular late delivery counted, and if I could still send the delivered files to the buyer so as not to keep him waiting. I didn’t get the answer to the first and the third question, and I was told that late delivery would not have serious impact on my profile. I interpreted it as “it will count, but you’ll live”. One late delivery won’t ruin you.

Note that I don’t recommend sending anything from your delivery message, including the files, to your buyer until your message goes through. If you don’t know what caused the flagging, by sending the files or the message again you might end up unintentionally breaking the rules. If you’re worried about your buyer getting a bit nervous (or worse) if the order goes late, send them the message explaining that you have delivered, but they have to wait for the message to be reviewed. I also wouldn’t send a screenshot of the delivery message as that would be the same as sending it again despite the flagging.


Thank you, this is a relief, it only happens with one client, so I thought perhaps the client is messing with me, I send 4 times, I hope that won’t be a problem, I informed the CS, I doubt I will get any answers but let’s see. Thank you

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you didn’t break any rules in your delivery message, I don’t think you’ll be in trouble. Unfortunately, all you can do is wait for the message to go through.

Thanks once again, it was resolved, I hope I am not becoming a paranoid person :slight_smile:
I just couldn’t understand what could have been the reason, the message violated no rules whatsoever. Anyways all is good now.
Thanks once again.

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