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Hello I don’t get any order why ? Please help me


I don’t get any order why ? Please help me
i,am share my gig social media but not get result



I have checked your profile and you have just created an account so please wait because it’ll take time.You can do things like send buyer request daily and promote your gigs in social media.

So be patient and share your gig.

Hope it helps.

Thank you…


You’re a social media marketing expert, but you can’t successfully promote your own gigs?

Some of your gigs look like selling likes in disguise (and buying and selling likes is forbidden by the Terms of Service of both Facebook and Fiverr), and one seems to be for creating fake accounts. Also, you admit that you have 4 FB profiles (that’s not allowed).

Maybe you could try selling something legitimate?


I have no idea what you are selling.


Sellings hopes & dreams.


Just set your GIG and must see the other sellers GIGs.


I’ll give you some constructive criticism.

If I happened to see your gig, I would not hire you. I realize your first language may not be English so that probably has a lot to do with it. But seeing your gig page, with poor grammar and punctuation, why would anyone hire you to do social media? I want my business to look professional and seeing what you wrote on your own gig would not make me confident you would represent my company in the way I want.