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Hello, i have a ask

How to leave a review without buying a product from a freelancer?Agree, because you will not buy a service from a seller who has no reviews

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If you have not bought their product you are not in a position to review them.

Can I review you without using your services?


I’ve reviewed your service and based on the lack of reviews, I will not be reviewing your service.

So I just viewed it instead.

For an extra five dollars, I will also take a peek. I’m stealth like that. I’ve never once in my life allowed a peek to become a look. I once browsed on accident, but I was young and I had some real “come to terms” stuff happening at the time.

I also offer gazing. But that’s really gonna set you back.

Just let me know.


Hey! Is this the same @damooch916 I remember from when I was first on the Fiverr Forum 3 years ago? :thinking:

I see you still have the same tongue in cheek humor! :rofl: :laughing: :sunglasses:


Actually, and it’s not like I’m happy to admit this, I’m damooch917 posing as damooch916.

The 916 model became obsolete after the great plague of 2020.

Something about their brooding, yet romantic demeanor just didn’t translate through face masks. That didn’t sit well … 916 is a performative, needy creature that pretends to be self sustained, when in truth, it needs your attention worse than a five year old playing “Hansel and Gretel” with the kitchen oven.

The whole lot of them went bonkers and a full recall had to be performed. Sadly, we just had to disable the whole fleet.

Firstly, 916 seemed to operate exclusively on caffeine. As you know, Emperor Starbuck has traded the last of the coffee bean reserve to what used to be China. We gave this particular 916 a decaf substitute and it became incredibly hostile. He ripped the arms off of a 918, played an impromptu rhythm solo with them and yelled, “I’ve got blisters on me fingers!”

Secondly, 916 was obsessed with a primitive activity known as “songwriting.” To hear him tell it, there was this group activity where people with unique devices made noise simultaneously called “mooziik.” He even claimed that the mooziik players could generate audio without electricity. Organic instruments? Can you believe this guy?

916 told crazy stories of long haireds striking strings, people yelling melodically at crowds and actually all making compensation for this demonstration. Well … except for the one he called “drumbers.”

Apparently, drumbers delivered food for a living because they wasted their nightly compensation on some barley and poison concoction.

Anyways … as you can see, 916 was obviously broken.

Still, we’re charmed by these stories of a pre 2020 world. So we sometimes log onto this account and review old posts where 916 is obviously experimenting with a new form of non funny comedy. From the text, it looks clear that he’s amusing himself, but most of the participants are confused.

Sorry for the confusion.


Too late, I checked your profile and you are damooch no matter what your last numbers are! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smirk: :sweat_smile:

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