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Hello I have doubt regarding fiverr plz help


What is new evaluation in fiverr…Fiverr app showing me your new evaluation 15 jan …what is that?


You can just go on fiverr help center page and read it there, they explain it every small detail. They even have FAQ section for your questions if just an information on how evaluation works is not enough.


Its like the month end . If you have completed all the requirment to go next level you will be able go there in the evaluation date


Every month Fiverr evaluates sellers based on their performance. If you go to your Analytics page, you can see the criteria Fiverr uses.

This evaluation, which takes place on the 14th-15th, affects a seller’s level. If a seller has performed well, they might get promoted. If they’ve performed badly, they might get demoted. Or, they may remain at the same level.


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In addition to what has been said you may find this helpful:


It’s mean they check out your profile if you maintian give criteria they will push to higher level.always make sure give your best, its a really great way to engage you to put your best and earn good feedback that help you to grow on fiverr platform
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@mandeepsingh585 Hi. If you are looking for help with your gig, you are more than welcome to create your own forum thread under the appropriate sub-category (such as “My Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve my Gig”). You might probably receive more/better help if you do so.

Posting these kinda messages in someone else’s thread is considered “spam”.


Thanks friend. I will create new forum.

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