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Hello i have joined from long time but did not make much sales what to do to get much order


what to do to get more and more order to make some revenue


searching sites. Social media is key anchor roll.


If you have to ask that question, then you haven’t taken the time to figure out how Fiverr works, and how to market and promote your gig. Take some time to do those thing rather than asking other people to give you a step-by-step guide to being successful – without doing any work.

Hard work is required to be successful here on Fiverr.

You don’t appear to have been doing doing any hard work.


@jonbaas I gotta say, your tenacity is incredible. Not only do you take the time to respond to every post like this but you manage to give a genuine detailed response to each.


Your sarcasm appears to be ill-placed.


You joined in November, that’s not a long time.

Considering that you only have one review, and a 1-star review at that, it’s unlikely that you will receive more orders. Perhaps you can delete this account and, with the permission from Customer Support, create a new one (and then try to deliver great service).



Happy new year 2018.


…there was no sarcasm. I really meant what I said.
How did any of that sound sarcastic? Not every compliment people make online has to have layers of meaning. Sometimes it’s just a compliment.


I read your “you take the time to give genuine responses” as sarcasm, because I did nothing more than chide the other user for being lazy and not wanting to work for his success.

I misread your comment as geniune = help, when I didn’t offer any measurable help. I see, however, that you were referring to my “I don’t pull any punches” response as the genuine that you were referring to.

I apologize for my confusion. I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve been dealing with a lot of entitled individuals lately, so my response was, alas, colored by my frustration with those kinds of people. :wink:



I think Fiverr is not a treasure chest of Revenue! You can try to earn more and more experience and knowledge if you have patience. Then you won’t need to search for revenue anywhere.
Keep trying.


you have to work very hard in here to make revenue friend. And you should get used to frustration too. When you keep waiting for months and not get any orders, you really gets frustrated. That happens to me as well. But with that frustration, i have earned about 54$ up to now. And it has been about 4 months since i joined Fiverr. And i have been promoted to level 1 as well. Keep working hard friend.


Ah, completely understandable. Just had to deal with someone that wanted me to re-do an order after three months because he thought we were friends after working on one order.


It’ll be very hard to get orders now your only review is 1*.

What happened?


Wow. If that’s not an example of “entitled”, I don’t know what is! :open_mouth:


at first you have to learn about fiverr .How it works.Its terms and conditions. Then make the gig and promote them. after you have to stay at online finally i hope you will get success on fiverr