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Hello I introduce myself!


Hi!! :slight_smile:

I’m a Italian student and recently I discovered the Fiverr platform.

I’m here to make available to others my photoshop skills in motion to make a small profit.

I decided to start this small business because I really like to use photoshop and with the experience I learned as a self-taught I hope I can get something out of it.

Sorry if my English is not entirely correct :sweat_smile:


Welcome @pier2197 to this community!
We are here to help each other

its really commendable that you are seeking to earn besides studies!
Good luck!
Hope you can fulfill your dreams here, in fiverr !


Good luck! I am new here too


good luck
contact customer support for more details…


Welcome to the community. and Good luck


thank you


No matter what your country is Fiverr is open to all man.
@pier2197 hope you made some profit here