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Hello I’m new here. anyone who can look at my gig?

Please , my Gig check …
Any problem

I’m writing this to try and be helpful rather than critical…

Your gig description contains many spelling and grammar / layout errors. I counted more than 20. I’m not going to point them all out, but a few include:

  • ‘t-shirt’ (with a hyphen) and not not ‘t shirt’
  • 'High Resolution PNG ’ and not ‘High Regulation PNG’
  • ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’ and not ‘100% satisfaction guaranty’
  • Your use of commas and capitalisation is all over the place

In my opinion because you are offering a design service your attention to detail needs to be 100%

Based on your current gig description, no native English speaker is likely to find your gig appealing until you correct the mistakes.

There are many online spelling and grammar checkers that you can use for free.