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Hello i m new here i want to know how to promote my gigs :)


hello i m new here i want to know how to promote my gigs :slight_smile: can some one help me


Write about them on a blog, or share the links elsewhere online.


Read this and good luck!


hello i want to know how to post on here because i never done this before. how much money can you make with this site?


Reply to @mshienie: This is a good place on the forum to read about what to do:

It’s a great idea to start out reading as much as you can in the Tips for Sellers on the forum. For very up to date information, click on your username at the top right and choose Help. There is a lot of useful information there but here is a shortcut:

Most of the common questions have been answered somewhere on the forums or elsewhere on the site. As far as how much money you can make, that’s up to you. Some people don’t try very hard and they don’t make anything. Some people try hard but break rules in the Terms of Service or don’t read enough and don’t do great either. There are others who make anywhere from pocket money to thousands of dollars, but it takes time.


I’m not new on Fiverr but I just relaunched my business! In the same boat as you. :slight_smile:


Fiverr gig is like website. You must advertise it everywhere. If FB and Adwords did not allowed direct links, then put a review with links into blogs and advertise the blog! it is simple, but you have to invest money! Good luck!