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Hello~~ I;m new seller here~Check me out! ^^


I just want to introduce myself.
I’m yhu. my pen name is "sarangkecoa"
I’m anime based style Digital Illustrator ^^


image Yhu!


Welcome Sis…wish you all the best :+1::100::+1::100:


Welcome to Fiverr Yhu ! :sunflower:


Welcome To Fiverr.Have A Nice Day.Stay With Us


Welcome to fiverr sis !!


Hi sarangkecoa, welcome and best wishes for you. Work hard and sell your gig


Hello everyone ^^ As a new seller i need few advice from everyone :slight_smile:
i tried to check buyer request but there is nothing there… :frowning:
Is there another way to get my gig running? :frowning:
I need first buyer orz


As a new seller, you can have more gigs. The more gigs you make the more you will appear in search results.


Is it okay for me to post a same gig in a lot of amount?


You could look at other sellers who sell anime and see what they offer. But Do. Not. Copy. other sellers gig descriptions. I see one who offers to make his buyer into an anime and one who does anime animals . . .


Thx for the Great Advice!! :smiley:
I’ll do it Right away!! ^^