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Hello i need help!

One guy asked me if i can design him 3 logos, and i send him custom offer and i finish his logos - he still not statisfied and i design the logos again and he still no statisfied, and i am about to cancel this order… but the point is if i send him request to cancel the order and he accept that, will that leave me a negative feedback in my gig or in my rating??

Please help

If you cancel an order and give the buyer a refund, it will not give the option for the buyer to leave a review. However, it’s always good to try and resolve the issue if possibly, since you’ve done lots of hard work and it would be a shame if you weren’t compensated.

I agree. At least it is another order complete which means you are that tiny bit closer to leveling up such as level one seller, level two or top rated seller. I hope this helped. Thanks!