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Hello ! I need some advices!

Hello ! This is my new gig

Can You guys review it and tell me why I got no buyers yet, even not a msg about it.

I like it so much and cant wait to start working for my buyers and for sure there will be awesome videos :slight_smile:

But what is wrong with my gig ? :frowning:

I’m so sad now…

Thank You so much guys.

Whay not offer 15 seconds as a kick-off? Or something to make your gig stand out?

Once you build up your gig you can always revise things!

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Hello friend,

Your gig is Great ! You’ll get sales soon,you’ve created it before 19 hours ago…so it’ll take some time to see customers and get some sales…Good Luck bro ! :slight_smile:

Reply to @thecreativeguys:

Good advice ! Is a hard work but I think I will update it to 10 sec/gig.

Thank You so much !

Thank You ! I hope so… I need to work hard here and I want it.

Fiverr is a new start for me in my life !

Thank You again !

Reply to @dukanu:

Please research your gig. Go to, search using the search bar. Search for the key words you have in place for your gig. See the results.

That is another effective way on how to offer something different.

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014