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Hello! I need some help please!


Hello! I registered on Fiverr about a year ago but i haven’t used it since then. Now i need some income because i am on my last year of studies and i can’t work full-time. I have been doing every suggestion to get my first order for over 3 weeks now but i didn’t had any success. If you have any suggestions for me i would very much appreciate it.
Thank you!



Thank you for the suggestions but i have been promoting my gigs on social medias and complete almost every buyers request Still nothing, just the statistics of my gigs have been increased.
Anyway thank you very much for your suggestion!


posting on social media will get you nowhere.

it’s like you are in a room full of your friends and you are talking to them about purchasing your services.

it just won’t work.

when you say you tried all suggestions, what is it that you tried exactly?

using buyer requests is a good way to get your first couple of sales. but if you keep sending proposals and not getting gigs, you really should look into why that is.

if your stats are up, that means people are clicking on your gig.

again if you are not getting any sales -converting- then you need to ask yourself why.
is your gig appealing? is your offering on demand? do you make a sales pitch in your description?

there are dozens of things that you may not be doing right -or fully utilizing- in regards to your gig’s overall presentation.

I think the first mistake most new sellers make here, is that they keep wondering whether or not there are sales to be made on Fiverr, instead of asking why are people buying from somewhere else.

Oh wait, you are a social media expert? And you can’t promote your services on social media?
well that’s just precious.


I tried completing 10 offers from buyers request every day, optimizing my gigs according to the gigs of top sellers for social media management( not copying just optimizing), i tried to change the pictures of gigs frequently so they can be more appealing to other buyers and keep posting my gigs on forums or social medias. Maybe my gigs have mistakes but according to the other sellers that i have been watching i think my gigs don’t have a reason to not get sales.
Thank you for your reply!


same with me! NO order since long time


i am an expert because i am certified in what i do i am not just some random girl opening a fiverr account for fun. i had previous job experience but locally . I need them to be online on Fiverr.
If you are here to comment on what i can and can’t do or to mock me for my skills than thank you for your comment but you are not being helpful.
Have a nice day!


Well on your profile you state that you can raise brand awareness for your customers via SM.

Seems only reasonable for me to expect you would be anle to do so for your own gig.

Anyway you concluded that your gigs are perfectly fine so, just hang in there, sales will start pouring in any minute now. No need to take any action.


Well, i hope. Thank you!


Thanks for great effort . It seems to me that you have tried all ways to get an order . This may happen when we choose some gig which contain in fiverr in thousand of number . It quite impossible to rank and get an order .Because there already hundreds of 5 star gig . Like as a graphic designer if want get an order from background remove this so difficult . But there’s some gig which is comparatively easy to get an order . So try to find such gig . Hope you will get an an order soon . Thanks .