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Hello , i need support but noone help me from support

i try to make payment for shopify theme 2 time and my system not accpet my card, i call my bank card and they tell me fiverr charge your card 2 time 5 $ and 5 $ but i dont have my order listeing. anyone can help me ?

Unfortunately, when it comes to matters of payment, or the site not accepting your payments, we cannot help you. You will have to contact Customer Support for that (and wait for their response). We cannot help you with this, because we – here on the forums – are NOT Customer Support. We’re sellers, just like you.

Please talk to Customer Support. They are the only people that can help you with this.


ok thank you but support here is sleeping

Then, alas, you might have to wait until they wake up. CS needs their sleep too. :wink: