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Hello, i need to orank my gig since i had a cancellation

I think my gig rank to end or not at all, what can i do please


Did you have a drop on messages from customers?
What’s wrong with having a cancellation.
It depends on a customer as well, not only you.

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Hi @migena1
If you had cancellation, nothing you can do beside try to get more order as you can.
If you still have 90% cancellation rate…, it’s still ok…,
Based on my experience…, i got two cancellation in my fiverr carrer…, it didn’t affect my gigs performance too much.

Still, you will need to boost your promotions :slight_smile:
and having correct tag is the most crucial aspect.

Wish you luck,

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi


keep sharing and make your thumbnail lucrative…

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Hey Ridwan,

You are doing great on Fiverr and your Performance is just Excellent. I just checked your Account and wondering why are you still not Promoted to Top Rated Seller, Like you are doing very well on Fiverr and you should have been promoted to TRS.

Thank You!

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I really love your positivity, thank you so much!!

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