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Hello , I want to know


As a new seller applying daily buyer request is important?


Buyers Requests are one way to get your first few orders, so yea it is sort of important. But this also means that you do it correctly. Here are a few threads that explain how it should be done along with some other good tips:

Best of luck!


But I don’t find buyer request more than 5 or 6. What should I do?


That is because you are a new seller. Fiverr limits the number of Buyers Requests to new sellers on purpose. Once you reach Level 1, more will be visible.


Yea, i think so.That’s why i also get less buyer request


Hello guys
I made all things in my gig but there is no body contacting me??
Is that take much time???
I Also, Shared my gig in social but there is no body massage me to now


Add video to your gig.It boost your gig


From where did you get this information? Can you confirm this?


It’s all here:


I see. Didn’t know that earlier. Thanks.