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Hello! I'd like to introduce myself


I created this profile one month ago more or less, and I had some questions from clients, but
when we wanted to know more information about which idea they had on mind they stopped
to answer. It wasn’t just one case, and I don’t know what was the mistake… any idea?



Maybe it’s because you are new and they are knocking just to know you.
Sometimes, buyers chat with multiple sellers at the same time and choose one of them for their desired project.
Answer their question then try to convince them that you are confident to meet their satisfaction :slight_smile:
Good luck


Thank you for your tips! I will continue trying it! :slight_smile:


You are new seller and I’m too. try active 24 hours and tell your buyers truth and delivery on just time.
best of luck.

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Hi i am new here plz anyone from Pakistan plz guide me how this all works

Hi, I’m new to but what is your problem. what is question ask me

@nolockcreative I just went and checked on your profile. WELCOME to Fiverr by the way! I was just going to stop by and tell you, that your gigs are set rather pricey. Now I am sure they are great quality and should be priced that! I could not do what you are providing and I know it takes a lot of work. However, it might be a good idea to try adding a few smaller gigs with lower prices to at least get a good reviews going. With high priced gigs, people who don’t have reviews won’t be looked at as much. Once you get a few orders finished with good reviews I think you will see way more activity. New sellers are allowed 7 I think? So maybe try to make a few more gigs? Just a suggestion. Hope this helps!


Yes that whole topic are true.
I’m new seller too so I agree with her what she taking about. all seller should be look that topic once.
Thank you to post this.

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Sorry, I am also new more or less, but maybe there is people here who can help you better than me! :slight_smile:

The question was what I was doing wrong or what was happening because many people asked me but when I wanted to know more about their ideas, even after 5 messages, they stopped answering, and it was weird for me

Thaank you!! I will do it! :wink:

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Okay I’ll give you ideas.

sorry about I can’t give message here load shedding problem so that’s I can’t give you message.
You wanna know how can improve I’ll solve for you.
I have to come In my inbox.