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Hello! I'm a new illustrator here ♥


My name is Patricia (you can call me Green) and I found Fiverr not so long ago. So far I think it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and share my work :blush:

I work a full-time job, I’m an architect by education but I found my passion in illustration. I also do some small graphic design projects. I love working as a creative person with open minded individuals. It’s a great experience every time!

I just set up my first Gig, so you can see a bit of my style there. It evolved so much through the years, from realism, anime/manga to this kinda children’s book style that I was always in love with. Hope you like it too!

I’m a vegan and a minimalist. I don’t need much to be happy and positive. Feel free to write me a private message here on any subject :slight_smile:

Hope everyone’s having a great day! :heart:


Hey Patricia, that sounds great, welcome. :slight_smile:
Just be careful with the e-mail thing and such, Fiverr doesn´t want people to exchange private contact info, best you read through the TOS thoroughly, if you haven´t already, so you won´t drop a brick accidentally.

You can find TOS and other useful links, when you scroll to the bottom on the fiverr page.

Good luck and a great day to you too! :four_leaf_clover:


Hey! Thank you for the info! I read all the Terms and Policies before creating an account but totally forgot about this message thing. I’m fine with Fiverr messages. At least there’s really nice chat thingy here :slight_smile:


Hi! Patricia,
I just saw your youtube channel and I must say it is amazing. :slight_smile:
Wish you a great success on fiverr. :slight_smile:
You can read fiverr blog and forum for more help. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr. Don’t forget to check out the Fiverr Academy for lots of useful information. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Hey! Thank you so much for wishes and advice! Best for you too :grinning:


Yes, can be quite overwhelming at first, all the info, the forum too, but you´ll find your way through in no time. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I definitely will check it :slight_smile:


I’m sure I will! There are so many helpful people here :heart::blush:


Hi there!
I’m also a new illustrator here. I’m still building up my first gig though!
I just checked your gigs and i must stay! your style is stunning. As a
fellow illustrator i can only be impressed :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


Welcome to fiverr :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr to every body.


Thank you so much my friend!
I see that you already started to work with people, that’s great! I wish you all the best here <3
Also, feel free to send me a message if you have any question about Fiverr or illustrations. Would love to help :blush:


Welcome to Fiverr :smile_cat:


Thanks a lot! that’s very nice of you