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Hello im a new seller created my gig yesterday no client

hello im a new seller created my gig yesterday no client


For getting orders first thing we need to remember is time. After creating a gig we will not get orders next day It will take weeks or months. What we need to do is promote gig in social media and be active 24/7.If you are offering a gig with high competition it can take more time for getting orders.So always be patient.



Patience is key. Orders may not come soon as you don’t have any orders in fiverr or any experience in fiverr terms. So you may have to wait for some time and in the meantime i would suggest to self promote it in social media and also be active 10-12 hrs daily to shorten the response time.


Have a good journey here . All the best.


Try to Active Online, Send Daily 10 Buyer Request Perfectly, Try to Sahre On Social media, Update Your Gig rank, Hope You will Gets CLients, WIsh You Best of Luck


Welcome to the forum. Try to active Fiverr, Research Fiverr etc. Also grow up your skill more and more time


It may take time to get order from buyer…
keep patience…


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Keep promoting your gigs in facebook, quora, linkedin,…etc.


@shuvo14500 respectfully you seem to have no gigs and no ratings. I appreciate you trying to help but you are not giving good or helpful advice. Staying online 24/7 does not help.

The best thing you can do @kellyvine is research the forum, most questions have already been answered. Check these out to start:


I like constructive criticism.
1st think my profile is blank, because my first priority learning and more learning. I want to learn more about fiverr algorithm and behind the scenes.
2nd think i am a learner, my mistake is very simple i think that’s why i want learn more.
Thanks you so much for giving me good sagation.


Keel learning and be active on fiverr. I hope you will get success soon


Welcome to the Fiverr.

And Some tips to increase sales on Fiverr:-

  1. Research on creating gig by saw your competitor gig and then make yours.

  2. Stay Active on Fiverr

  3. Sent Buyer Request regularly in the proper way, not copy paste template. (Most Important)

  4. Create attractive thumbnails for your gig,

  5. Create a Proper Description of your services.

  6. Share your gig on the social media platform.

  7. Stay Fiverr Forum, that’s benefited for you.

  8. Do not guess anything about your buyer. Give a top to bottom map or overview of the project that will clear more about your project.

  9. Replying within just a few minutes can increase your chances of selling.

  10. Provide your buyers with a good experience, and they will become your loyal customers.

Best of Luck


Be patience, Try to active 24/7, I hope you will get order soon


Wait. I hope you will get order


In this context, nothing but keep Patience is the key to success. Orders may not come as soon as early as you don’t have any orders in fiverr or you have not any experience about fiverr TOS. So you may have to wait for a while and in the meantime i would suggest you will have to be self promoted your brand name, gigs and also be active approximately 10-12 hrs daily to shorten the Fiverr response time. That’s why you get the first order so earliest…you don’t expect forever…


Why do you do this?

How do you do this?

What do you mean stay active 24 hours seven days?


Yes. That is what he means. Live your life in front of your computer. Do not sleep, eat, shower, play with your kids if you have them or make love to your spouse. Your LIFE is now Fiverr 24/7/365. At least, that seems to be sage advice from some of these gurus.


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Please how do you send buyers request?

Search help section on Fiverr and read all that is provided there. You also have free videos tutorial by Fiverr.