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Hello! I'm a new seller in Fiverr and I need help.

I created an account in May of this year, I already have 7 Gigs and have been waiting 2 months for my first order, I have more than 90 impressions and views in all my gigs, but I would like to know how to have my first order and start to stand out in Fiverr soon, I also need help with the proposals from buyers as I do not get them every day and I get very few, some of them are services that I don’t offer and I don’t know how they are done, I’m in the area of design and editing in images and videos but I get proposals to create websites, I also got one that I was looking for American girls to participate in a Dance Mom’s event! or someone who made transfers into Malaysia. So I want to be guided about how to get my first job and how to get several proposals coming up every day that fall into the category of services I offer. I expect prompt answers. I speak Spanish, if there is someone Latino or Spanish speaking who wants to help me I can answer in Spanish. For what it’s worth, here’s my profile: With pleasure, Samuel Aaron.