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Hello im an artist here (will sketch anything no questions)

no matter how wierd it is i wont deny the request
it depends if i can do it or not

even if its not wierd i will draw it


Why do you write 'no questions ask(ed) 'in your gig title? It sounds dodgy.

A good seller does everything they can to protect their brand reputation and to be familiar with Fiverr’s terms of service and the law.

There are certain themes (of an adult nature) that Fiverr does not allow. And what if someone requests you to draw a trademarked character? For example, a Marvel superhero? I see your gig includes the term ‘fan art’. If you complete such a request, you’d be breaking intellectual law - which in turn could mean Fiverr bans your gig, or issues an account warning, or bans you from the platform.

There is a subtle difference between a fan creating an image for their own pleasure, and someone actively trying to profit from copying trademarked work.


when an artist says no questions ask
it means how ‘‘wierd’’ the request will be accepted
but ill take that into consideration thank you for the help