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Hello, I'm an illustrator but I'm totally new here


Hi, I’m brand new here.

I love illustrating animals (particularly fish, mammals and dinosaurs) and stories! Hence my main gig I set up earlier. :smile: My interests include zoology, nature walks, animation, aquarium keeping and helping out in my neighbourhood. :grin:

I hope to meet like minded folks and network. I would also love to make new creative minded friends.


Hello @brysillustratio,

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! I like zoology and nature walks, too. :slight_smile:

Since you are new, I would like to point out that it is very important that you carefully go through and abide by Fiverr’s ToS (at all times). The forum as well as the seller help center have many articles specifically designed to help new sellers get started on their Fiverr journey.

Happy selling!


Hi @brysillustratio! I love animals and stories and illustration too. :heart:

I’m also new around here, so I don’t have any tips to give, but best of luck to us!


Hey welcome!! I wish you all the best!! I am an Illustrator too!! <3


I loved your gig Images- they look really cool :slight_smile: the more gigs you will make the more you will get orders!! Plus Initially you can make gigs with 5$ for basic drawing- people click on it- I am pretty sure you can be selected as the rising talent in children book section just make a few more gigs- :slight_smile: thanks


You welcome, best of luck


welcome to fiverr :smiley:


Thank you, I’ll have a read through those. :smiley_cat:

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:grin: What kind of animals and stories do you like?

Best of luck to us indeed. :smile: :wine_glass: Thank you for welcoming me, and welcome to you too.

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@gameartgiger @dadeze |Thank you for your welcomes, it is appreciated. Nice to meet you all. :smile:

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to the Fiverr community! I am new myself. I think your work displayed in your gig is awesome, very talented indeed. If I may, I would like to suggest adding maybe another gig or two to experiment with SEO and see how Fiverr’s search algorithm favors different combinations of relevant phrases in your niche. For example, (as suggested by @gameartgiger) you can make a gig titled: I will… Draw professional illustrations for childrens book… By adding multiple gigs you’ll be able to see what people want more of. Also, always choose a strong adjective to include in your gig title. Hope this info helps on your journey to success. Remember, whether you think you can, or think you can’t; either way you’re right. Henry Ford said that :blush:

All the best,

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Thank you so much, I will put some time into doing that. I hope you do well on this site too. :grinning:

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Welcome to fiverr world biggest community…
Best wishes for you…

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welcome to the Fiverr community
best of luck!!

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@sk_sajib and @kader313bd Thank you both. :relaxed:

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Welcome! I wish you all the best