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Hello I'm facing 2 major problem

Hello, I’m facing to major problems,

  1. I can’t see my Buyer request, it always does empty.
  2. My profile always says out of office, I already have removed that clicked from my problem but it still says, my two client message me and told me that it is showing Out of office in your profile,

I try to connect with fiverr support for both problems but no response from them.

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Hmm, try logging out then logging in again, try changing your password so it logs out everyone who could’ve been on your account, also check for any extensions that could’ve been messing with your fiverr!

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  1. If Buyer’s request is empty it means buyers haven’t posted anything.
  2. Clients are still able to contact you even if you show as out of office. You don’t have to be online 24/7.

You’re likely not going to hear from support any time soon as they are swamped with loads of work; this applies to them and other companies that have switched to working remotely.

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Try to install Fiverr App fro Android.
and change the status from fiverr app.
Sometimes it could helps solve bugs like this

Thankyou Let me try that

I already Tried That too

Im seeing your status right now…,
It’s appears “online” on my browser. have you checked it?