Hello, I'm Jacob!


Hello, I’m Jacob! Today I would like to get some honest feedback about my gig and not only just to promote it but to give the community a voice as to what I need to do to make myself work for this community and to have the community work for me.

My objective is to catch a job doing simple web-development tasks and to execute the tasks well. I have 30+ certificates and surely enough I am only human and don’t know everything because that is impossible, that’s simply put to be honest. I want to let you guys know my intentions as well. I want to provide the best customer service possible, provide a service for the customer to obtain a good and to get a first customer. To do this, I must realize I am on a limited budget and am trying to make this a part time job and possibly hire people to help me as well once I get the ball rolling (within the means of gigs as listed by others). I am excited to bring my gig to the table and not just making a speech about what I’m going to do but actually getting to doing what I set out to do. Web-development is just one task I had in mind, I would also like to write somebody’s resume and cover letter. People are always trying to get jobs and start freelancing or other types of businesses so they can make money, helping people with their goal of attaining visibility on the web, having a good web-page to support their goal and giving them a good resume and cover letter and other employment related goals to get them a foot in the door and out of the black hole that just eats you up from the inside. I know how harsh this world can be and I am aiming to change it. I want to help people get their dream job, create the business they want to generate, that is the American dream! I am also working on a third gig down the road and I am focusing on the one I have already made so far because they are a matter of step one and step two in some cases, sometimes it’s only a one step trip and I’ve shot them off into the right direction. I also can see myself doing some digital marketing for an e-commerce because I enjoy things as such and I like to do anything along the lines of digital marketing, web-developing and writing/reading. If you have any feedback, I’d appreciate you to comment the feedback here or on the gig itself and I will respond to you ASAP. I thank you for your time.