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Hello ! I'm Kenoly and I am excited to start this journey as the newest graphic designer and illustrator on Fiverr

Hello everyone ! I got married last month to my beautiful wife and we brainstormed together to create cool gigs that you would really love at an affordable price. And guess what ? we have tons of gigs that vary from different categories! Our mission is to satisfy our customers with quality services/products. And our mission is to be the one trusted Pro verified seller. So check us out !

Congratulations on getting married. :couple: :heart:.

I see you have been on Fiverr for a bit over :two: years, but this is the first time you have been to the Forum. Therefore, you may not have known that such advertising belongs in “My Fiverr Gigs.” So I have moved it there for you.

Here is where the Forum Dos and Don’ts are listed. I hope you stick around. I learned so much here about being a successful seller on Fiverr.

Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's