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Hello,im new and have some questions

Hello fiverrs,
I have set 2 gigs up since last week. Got like 44 impressions on both gigs and only 1 view. I have set the gigs in design and illustration. So my questions is : is it normal, that beginner wont get much impressions past atleast one month or more. But on the other hand i have also seen some people on fiverr get 300 impression on 1 gig in 1 week here on the forum, so im got curious, is it because the illustration field is crowded with sellers or am i doing something wrong with my gigs, if so can you guys show what i can do to improve my gigs? I was thinking i might have set the price too high, but on the other hand i spend so much time working on the illustrations that i dont wanna just sell it for 5 dollars.

Here are the gigs:


Hello, good day,

I read your article. Attach some more beautiful pictures to your gigs and see the gigs of those who work in your category. What kind of pictures did they use in Gig. Select your gig title well. Do job marketing skills with your gig. My little advice to you from me.