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Hello.I'm new at forum

Please Guide me . i’m new at this sector . i make gigs i don’t know it’s perfect or not please visit my profile and check it’s okay or not . Thank you so much


The only thing I would suggest is:

Do Not Capitalize Every Single Word In Your Gig Description As It Is Hard To Read.

Otherwise, it looks good to me.


Thank you so much brother .

Welcome to Fiverr Forum

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No problem.

But just for clarification, I’m not your brother.

I know you mean to be friendly but if you say that to a Buyer, it may turn them off of using your service.

Good luck.

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Thanks, I’m sorry , And i don’t know this , i’m new

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But i really like your advice boss

I’m not your boss, either.

If you must refer to someone, just use their user name.

So, I would say, good luck, posh_tinni.

I would NEVER say something like “Good luck, Brother” or “Good luck, Boss” or “Good luck, Man” or “Good luck, Dude” or “Good luck, Miss” or “Good luck, Babe” or “Good luck, Sexy” or…

Am I making my point?

You have to conduct EVERYTHING here as professional as possible.

That includes communication.

I hope this helps.


Perfect , Thanks looseink

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Try to compare your gig price with another gig and try to create attractive gig images


welcome to fiverr forum. best wish for you! :gift_heart:

Welcome to Fiverr forum.