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Hello! I'm new here and have a very good offer for you! 🎉


Hi everyone!
I’m Abdul Mateen, an embroidery digitizing expert backed up by three years of field experience.
I’ve started new on fiverr and I’d really appreciate it if anyone can help me. I assure you the satisfaction and perfection of my work
I just wanted to say that I can work as a back up designer for you. Means if you got much orders and can’t manage yourself, I’ll do them for you. Two designs under one Gig, so we both get benefit, you by your work and me by getting my gig running.
I’d really appreciate any kind of help you can offer.
Here’s the link that will take you to my gig,

Thanks a lot.
Good Day. :slight_smile:


Awesome GIG great…


Thank you @ahmedghumro for having a look at my gig, I really appreciate. :slight_smile: