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Hello i'm new here from india and looking to make my first sale

hello everyone my name is Sachin Gurjar and want to make my first sale.


Hey, welcome to Fiverr.
Starting your service at a low cost helps.
Promoting gigs on social media accounts.
Checking buyer requests multiple times throughout the day. And try to apply to at least 10 daily.
Gig images and video must be eye catching as well
Gig title and description must be clear.
But most importantly be patient and consistent while doing all the above.

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Welcome to forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks a lot… but problem is… since last 3 days every time i see the buyer request option but I have not seen any request

Keep checking multiple times in day. Like multiple times. Also having up at least 7 gigs will help as well. Especially once each gig offers different skills you will see more offers.
I usually see the buyers request empty but I started checking it like every 20 minutes or less.

Ok i will do As you said to me… Thanks a lot

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i did not get mine as well

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yeah bro that is the problem