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Hello ! I'm new here. Give me some Advice

Need Advice for a newbie .New uses needed so much help to improve their works and communications
My Gig


Congratulations & best wishes for you!

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Hail Hydra Nirob Vai

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Welcome fiverr community…keep moving

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Yes, new sellers sometimes need help. That is why there is a whole forum section with great tips for you:

You need to do some research on how to improve your own business.

One tip from me: Do NOT offer money-back guarantees or 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If a buyer wants to cancel an order, you will have to do it every time, no questions asked.


Do your best. Hope to get a buyer result very soon


Thanks Brother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

best wishes for you!

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Welcome to fiverr. Best wish for u. Active as much as you can. And there forum fiverr tips category where you find many article about gig, read those and create gig. And also share your gig on social media platform.
Happy freelancing

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Thanks, Brother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I will follow your advice

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Congratulations …

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Thanks Brother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It is a good advice

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Send the buyer request every day. find the tips. hope it will help you.

Buyer Request Description:

  1. Start with a small greeting.
  2. describe the customer very shortly that How you will complete the project.
  3. during describe the project layout you can write is point by point. (like 1.2.3… etc)
  4. in the end invite to the customer to message you to discuss in detail & showing your work sample.
  5. Also, you can share some work sample & your portfolio during buyer request send,

Best of Luck… :slight_smile: