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Hello im new here, i am a digital artist

hello my name is sebastian, i came from Indonesia, i love drawing, especially digital illustration, love making new character and a fanart of a character i really fond of to. :smiley:

thank you :smiley:


Hey, are you seberry? Wonderful work, welcome to Fiverr! :smiley_cat:


thats right, how do you know? haha
looks like someone already took it, so i have to use this username :smiley:

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It’s easy to find with your profile picture. :slight_smile:

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ahh is that so haha, i thought that you might be one of my watcher in deviantart haha xD


Apparently your fan base already recognizes you. You should do well here. haha

Welcome and I wish you success

Welcome to Fiverr. :wink: