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Hello i'm new seller i need to tips For get buyers please

hello i’m new seller i need to advices For get buyers


I’m extremely new too, but I know some basics:

  1. Advertize. Fiverr isn’t a place where work will magically fall on your lap – you need to speak up and get others interested in what you do.

  2. Put time and effort into making your gigs. Offer images, videos, and make sure the user knows what they’re looking at.

  3. Fill out your profile, and make sure to create a trustworthy/competent image (e.g do the tests, get a pfp, etc)

I know it’s not much, but I hope I managed to help you somewhat ^^


thank you :heartbeat:

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share your gigs on social media …it will help you

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yes brother, thank you :heartbeat: