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Hello I'm new to Fiverr and have a question

Hey Jodi here, i’m new to Fiverr. I was going to post a job for some paid Wordpress and Elementor tutorial. But have been reading the forum and it says that you can’t or shouldn’t do live chats with a buyer?.. Is that correct?.. As I was hoping to list a job for live tutorial. Is that not then something I can list through fiveer?.. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know… Cheers, Jodi


All order communication must remain on Fiverr, therefore, services that might require communication on another platform are a major no-no. Fiverr has given out many warnings for sellers who have violated this rule. It is best to find services that can be communicated, and delivered, 100% on Fiverr – through the structure and facilities of Fiverr.


Thanks for your reply Jon, appreciate it :slight_smile:
I have been trying to read up on terms over the last couple of hours.
There are some people advertising on here to provide tutorials on word press and to use teamviewer for this. So then using teamviewer is a no for working within fiverr?.. So in this instance, I can’t then post this job here on fiverr?..
Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me :slight_smile:

I am unfamiliar with Teamviewer. I don’t know what this is, so, alas, I cannot offer any advice on this. Perhaps someone else can jump in and provide some factual insight?

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Teamviewer is a program where you can give someone a password, which the program generates each time… to then log into your computer and then do a function on your computer while you watch. So it’s a great tool if you need someone to fix something for you or for a tutorial. I’ve always used this to let my point of sale guy log in remotely to my retail stores computer system to fix issues when they happen or for him to give me a remote tutorial. So would you then be violating Fiverr’s rule… If you hire someone to give you a tutorial, pay them via Fiverr and then use Teamviewer for the tutorial?..