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Hello i'm new to fiverr. I want to get more buyer request. would you please show me or tell me how can i get more buyer request, whats i have to do to get 10 buyer request in a day . regards



Welcome. You are likely to get more replies if you just change your heading to one sentence and put your question in the actual post above.


When I first check buyer request there was none, Then i refresh the page several times magic happen and shows the cupple of requests. try refreshing page in a defferent time a day,


There is specific time buyer requests are updated, keep track of time and come back at the same time every day to get more out of this awesome feature. I’m a level 2 seller and still, I’m using this feature.:slightly_smiling_face:
Happy selling



I’m level 2 seller in infographic since 2016. I lost my achievement after illness. Now I have “new seller” gig only. :frowning: I lost my phone even 2 achievement. Now I can’t see any buyer requests also. How I get again level two achievement. Please adivece.


You are right, buyer request comes in a specific time